The Farm

Graystone Farm was founded in 1747, part of the English empire in the Colonies before becoming part of Pennsylvania in the United States. This property originally spanned 125 acres, but today our home includes a small nine acre field behind the original stone farm house.

This place is the source of our inspiration, our reminder that life can be slower, that screens can’t compare to the horizon, and that we have a responsibility to keep our corner of the world as healthy as we can.

Over the past few years, we’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to use this home as a way of providing a home for animals who need one. Our current residents include Ivan (donkey), William (mini horse), Unicorn and Pegasus (nubian goats), Gregory and Shelly (pygmy goats), Wyatt, Tilly, General Tso, T’Challa (and 10 other chickens), Crackers (goose), Duck 1, Duck 2, Duck 3, and Duck 4 (take a guess), Milo, Red and Aurora (dogs), and Pete, Cailinn, Munster, and Cheddar (barn cats). With the exception of the chickens and the ducks, all are rescues.

This farm takes a little more effort than the usual 21st century life, with repairs aplenty, wood heat, animals needing care, and 10 acres of maintenance. But that effort is repaid in dividends with the best ideas and deepest pride in our role as caretakers of this beautiful place.